Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Another day another sleepy baby in a beautiful daygown. I love this! Today we ran some errands and had lots of ooooh's and aaaaah's over how sweet she looked in pink. Everyone told me that she looked like a little doll dressed so sweetly. I felt so proud that I was able to sew for my girls. I always feel sorry for those babies in just a onsie out and about with their parents. Who wouldn't want to dress their little angel like this?
I think I have found Sage's color. She is so pale that pastels look so sweet on her and with the pink in her skin tone it really does look good on her. But I am bias, I believe.
She wore herself out so after a late lunch she sacked out on me before I could prop her up and pretty up the bassinet. So this is the only picture I got of her today.
This is one of my favorite Old Fashioned Baby patterns. It's called Sweet and Simple daygowns and it is anything but simple, but she has it right with sweet. It has these wonderful pleats under the arms and on either side of the front. The other day, Sage wore one it green. I think I need to go see what colors of lawn or batiste I have so I can whip up another one. Here is a picture of it when I first made it.


  1. Piper she looks beautiful!! Love the daygown.. You always do such beautiful work!

  2. What a beautiful baby! I love Old Fashioned Baby patterns also and making daygowns is my favorite. I just found your blog and your creations are great. Can you tell me what plate was used for the fall dress with the acorns?


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