Sunday, October 31, 2010

All in white

Here is another of my daygowns that I have completed. This one uses tatting and entredeaux. I just love the look of tatting, but whipping it to the entredeaux is not my favorite thing to do. I have to hold my mouth just right to get it on there. I feel like my fingers are really big when dealing with these little itty bitty trims. But, the look is so worth it.
Little flower on the back. If it is good enough for Jeannie to do it, then I will too!
Here is a closer look at the embroidery at the neck. I just love a daygown that buttons up the front. It makes dressing the little one so much easier if I don't have to deal with the floppy neck!

I have to address my view. Isn't it just wonderful? I love living here in Florida and spend so much of my day looking out over the pool into the wonderful lake. I have seen some wonderful creatures too. From wonderful large birds to a cute little fat otter. But recently I have been spying on a 3 foot gator that has found refuge in a large tree that hangs over into the lake. Needless to say, we do not go down and visit the water's edge.

Sewing for baby

I have been busy sewing baby daygowns in my sewing room.  I am in love with all Old Fashioned Baby patterns.  They are so classic and so sweet.  And I can just imagine little ones so comfortable and cool wearing them.  So they have become my new obsession in the sewing room.  I went thru all my stash and found I had some great lawns and lots of batiste.  Love it when that happens!  So have a huge pile of them just waiting to be made for my new little one. 
When we first found out we were expecting we had thought we would let the sex of baby be a surprise.  Well, anyone who sews for children knows this can be a challenge.  So I whipped out my whites and went to work anyway.  I used tatting and simple embroidery to do the first ones so they could work whether baby was a boy or a girl.
This first one is on white swiss batiste and was stitched using feather stitching with deft blue floche.  I loved doing this one.  I find featherstitching so relaxing.

And of course, baby needs to look great while someone is holding her so here is the back.

Stay tuned for more baby clothes!

Here we go again!

Well, after not having a blog for the past 10 months, I couldn't handle it anymore and had to start another one.  So... here I am again!
So much has changed for my family.  First off, we moved from Williamsburg, Virginia to Florida in the Spring.  Then we moved not just once when we got here but twice!  I was never so happy as when I could finally get into my boxes of fabrics and start sewing again. 
My little muse, Sydney finished up kindergarten just in time for us to find out we were expecting another baby.  So now, I am sewing frantically for my First grader and trying to get the layette ready for our second little girl who is due in late January.
I hope you enjoy my journey in sewing for my little girls and check back often to see what's going on in my sewing room. 
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