Saturday, February 4, 2012

Well, yes, it's me! Remember me? I have been gone for way too long! My sewing machine is covered in dust and my beautiful fabric has been waiting on me patiently to return! It's like an old friend that is always there for you.
Over the past year so much has happened. Sage has just turned one. Sydney is loving second grade and makes me proud of her each day with her spirit and confidence. I have been out in the working world. I must say, it's fun to be around adults, but I miss my children so much! So, after long discussions with my husband we have come to the conclusion that I am needed at home more!
So, Monday will be my last day at work. I have a neglected house to clean up and a sewing room that needs to be dusted. I am so looking forward to getting in there and going through all my patterns and stroking some fabrics!
My goal is to have a baby outfit to work on by next weekend! I hope I remember how to smock!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sister Tuck Dresses

I have a love affair with tucks and pleats and box pleats. I just love the small details of them. I have made Collar's Tuck dress for Sydney a couple of times and every time I love it so much. I haven't found the right fabric for it for about 2 years now. But after seeing Creations by Michie's Apron Dress had a tuck version I knew I had to make the girl's matching dresses.
This delicate lawn has been in my stash for a couple of years now. It is so thin and airy I want a gown out of it, but alas, I only had two and a half yards of it. So, I had just enough for matching tuck dresses for the girls.
Sage's dress is a newborn size. She is almost two months old now and I am hoping to get their pictures made in them on Saturday. I know I could have made a larger size, but I wanted her dress to fit her.
Sydney's dress is a size 8 and she has plenty of room. She should be able to wear hers all summer long. I made hers sleeveless for those hot Florida days to come. Sydney is already so tan she should be beautiful in this white.
Here is a picture of Miss Sleepyhead this morning. She is only awake for about an hour a day, so I have to really be ready with the camera if I want to see those pretty blue eyes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Thoughts

This year Easter sewing is sneaking up on me. Probably because I am having such a wonderful time squeezing on baby legs and talking to my sweet new addition. I am smitten, I must admit. I forgot just how wonderful every day is when I see her discover something new or just stroke her soft head and play with her hands.
Sydney has spring break this week so I have a helper when I want to do something. That helps alot! She is really a wonderful little helper. We are going thru magazines and machine appliques and thinking of spring things for her and I am constantly trying to coordinate in my head something for the baby. I am in heaven!
So, today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things I have made for Sydney for Easter.
This was the last year I was requested to make a matching dresses for all her babies. It was a pink swiss dot that I made Sydney Collar's yoke dress and her babies all had matching yoke dresses. We were a huge hit at church with all her babies.
Sydney loves Beatrix Potter's Jemima Puddleduck. I think I have read that story to her a hundred times and every time she laughs and giggles the whole way through it. So when I found this cute smocking plate I knew I had to make it. This was the same year as the pink dresses. The pattern is Children's Corner Mary De out of orange chambray.
Here is the cute Mommy with all her babies following her.
This next one is a redrafted Children's Corner Lucy. I still have some of this fabric and I think it would make a cute bubble. Mmmmm! Maybe this year...
When we lived in Williamsburg, Easter was usually about the time a cold front would appear out of the blue. So I made it a habit of making a coat for Sydney when thinking of her dress I would also pick out some corduroy for a matching coat. It was wonderful to have a beautiful set.
CW yoke dress
This one was soo many roses that I don't know what I was thinking. The dress was a yoke dress and the coat was from Children's Corner. I also made the matching bonnet.
close up of coat
back view of bonnet
Here is another coat and dress combination. This time the Fabric Finders floral and the lavendar corduroy all came from Bessie Mary.
close up
I used Children's Corner Mindy for Sydney's dress.
I surprised Sydney with her babies in their dresses Easter morning.
And last but not least is this Mary De. These floppy bunnies all looked a little different, but I figured in real life they do too.
Mary De
Okay, off to the sewing room to figure out this year's matching girl's dresses. The countdown is on! I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my past Easter creations!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Another day another sleepy baby in a beautiful daygown. I love this! Today we ran some errands and had lots of ooooh's and aaaaah's over how sweet she looked in pink. Everyone told me that she looked like a little doll dressed so sweetly. I felt so proud that I was able to sew for my girls. I always feel sorry for those babies in just a onsie out and about with their parents. Who wouldn't want to dress their little angel like this?
I think I have found Sage's color. She is so pale that pastels look so sweet on her and with the pink in her skin tone it really does look good on her. But I am bias, I believe.
She wore herself out so after a late lunch she sacked out on me before I could prop her up and pretty up the bassinet. So this is the only picture I got of her today.
This is one of my favorite Old Fashioned Baby patterns. It's called Sweet and Simple daygowns and it is anything but simple, but she has it right with sweet. It has these wonderful pleats under the arms and on either side of the front. The other day, Sage wore one it green. I think I need to go see what colors of lawn or batiste I have so I can whip up another one. Here is a picture of it when I first made it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My little angel

As I finish up some pretty Spring dresses for my girls I had my little angel in white. I made this cute Old Fashioned Baby daygown and love how it looks on her. I see more white dresses in her future. I love the simplicity of this little dress and the delicate tatting on the sleeves and neck. The sleeves are a bit long on her little arms, but I am sure in the coming months she will grow into them nicely. Here is a picture of the dress when I made it.
And here is my angel wearing it. I agree, that these daygowns are much cuter on a little one. What isn't cute with that sweet round bald head!
Sage has finally figured out that the paci really does make it all better. I didn't do a pacifier with Sydney and instead walked many nights rocking her back and forth in my arms. Until she discovered her two fingers that stayed in her mouth for years it seems. So this time I gave in and decided that I would give it a try. It really does soothe her while she is trying to sleep. So much better on Mommy and sleeping too!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another day another daygown modeled

Yes, I am having just way too much fun playing dress up with my new baby girl. I love being able to dress her now. It makes those months of making daygowns and imagining her in them so satisfying.
Today, while I sit and sew her a new baby dress, she is happy sleeping and showing off this beautiful daygown. It is Old Fashioned Baby's Sweet and Simple daygown.
Today I plan on finishing up Sage's dress and working on Sydney's. I am very pleased with them so far. I think Sage's needs a diaper cover so I will riffle through my patterns and try and find one that has bloomers for newborns. I am sure I have one somewhere. Any suggestions?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Naptime in a daygown

This morning after bathing my two girls I put my new baby girl in one of the daygowns I made her. Well, this one to be exact.
Although it was a little large, I loved it! I think with this wonderful warm weather my baby will be in daygowns every day so look for some modeling shots!
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