Saturday, December 11, 2010

Possible Coming home outfit

I am not sure what to make to bring home baby in late January. I was told by a wonderful friend of mine to go for Grace Knott's Nightgown because it will be small enough for a newborn. This is made from a swiss flannel in white. I smocked it in a pale pink and no real bells and whistles on it. I think the simplicity of it is why I am not completely sold on it for a coming home outfit. But the feel of this cozy fabric is swaying me.
I do love this swiss edging. I bought it at the SAGA convention a couple of years ago and I have 10 yards of it. So you will be seeing it alot in the next couple of months. In fact, a bishop I just finished has it. I will post that on another day.
Sydney had to show off a little too. I call her Vanna because she loves to show off things that I make. It also shows just how tiny this outfit really is. You will just have to excuse her outfit. She got hot and took off her cute top and just had an undershirt on.


  1. E-gads, do I really see what I think I see? Sydney in jeans??? heart!!! I NEVER thought I'd see the day.......all kidding aside, the baby outfit is darling and I think Sarah Purple will look adorable in it. You sure can see how small it is with the big sister (in jeans) standing there next to it. Wow! Great job again, Piper!

  2. Piper,
    I love all the clothes that you have made for Sydney and the new little one. I have missed you on Nanapennypockets and wondered where you were. You always posted such wonderful pictures of the outfits you made Sydney and gave me so much inspiration and motivation to sew for my grands. I don't know how you do all that you do, and I can't believe how much Sydney has grown. She is beautiful. I will be checking back to see what other wonderful ideas you've had. Wish I had your creativity!


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