Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cold Weather Lillian

Here is a quickie! Just a Children's Corner Lillian pattern and a shift dress for my little one. I love this pattern because it goes together in less than an hour and takes up about one yard of fabric. It is fully lined in a cranberry broadcloth and I did black grosgrain bows on the slits on the side.
This featherwale corduroy has little mushrooms and squirrels on it. Very sweet!
This was taken last week when the weather was still cool.
It was about 50 degrees when I picked her up from school, but she has boots like it is a snow storm outside. She is fitting into the Florida lifestyle just great. If it is below 70 then everyone here has a coat on. Totally cracks me up!


  1. Sydney looks ADORABLE in this Lillian, Piper! Your tree is also very pretty.

    I think I need to purchase this pattern. I like the slits on the side for easy of movement & it doesn't seem to be as wide through the body as the MP A-line. (a freq. complaint from DD)

    Merry Christmas, Honey! Looking forward to seeing many more of your beautiful creations in the coming year....especially BABY clothes! :D

  2. Totally sweet! Your next move could be LA as they wear coats and boots when it is below 70. I have seen them bring winter coats and wear them here in the summer.... cracks me up!


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