Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Rattle

Here is another one of my new little ones little daygowns. This is, of course, from Old Fashioned Baby patterns. This is the Raglan sleeve day gown. I love that this version uses bias. I have tons of it in different colors and this is a great way to tie it into my design.
I did a very simple rattle for my shadow work and on the hem I did a long running stitch and then went back with my floss and used those stitches to weave my floss through.
This is just made from Imperial batiste. I love the 100% cotton as much as anyone does, but sometimes the idea of just out of the dryer and hung up is nice.
I really want to do another one of these. I love the fact that there is all this room in front for whatever I want to design or copy on there. I might go cut out one of these today. I could have it done by Monday if I just get busy!

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